King Huan of Chyi Signed a Peace Treaty with Wan on the Way to Attack Chuu

Tzuoo's Interpretation of Spring-Fall

    In Spring, King Huan of Country Chyi attacked Country Ts'ai using the army of his allies. After conquering Tsíai, he attacked Country Chuu. In response, the King of Chuu asked his envoy to deliver a letter to King Huan. It said, "You live around the north sea and I live around the south sea. We are distant and as unrelated as horses are to cattle. I wonder why you are invading our territory." Prime Minister Kwan of Chyi said, "Long ago, the senior advisor of the emperor told the founder of Country Chyi, 'You are ordered to help the emperor by supervising the kings of various countries.' The area we are to supervise extends east to the sea, west to the river, south to the City M, and north to City W. Your king failed to pay his tribute of straw bundles. Without the straw, the emperor was unable to give wine to the gods during the worship service 1. This is the reason why the king is attacking you. Also Emperor Chao traveled south to Chuu and drowned. You should be held responsible for his death."

    The envoy replied, "The failure to pay tribute is our king's fault. We would never dare to commit the same mistake again. As for why Emperor Chao did not return, you should ask the patron god of the river.Ē The King of Chyi witnessed the envoy as he pled innocent, so his army of allies moved forward and camped at City H.

    In Summer, the King of Chuu sent Wan to Chyi's camp for a peace negotiation. The allied force then withdrew to City S. King Huan displayed his allied force and rode in a carriage to review his troops with Wan. The King of Chyi said, "This alliance is not just for me. It is the continuation of the alliance with my late father. Would your country like to be also our ally?" Wan replied, "It is a great favor to us that you ask for the blessing of the patron god of our land. If you do not mind humbling yourself to be our friend, our king would very much like to be your ally."

    The King of Chyi said, "If I use these troops to fight, what enemy can defend itself? If I use these troops to attack a city, what city will not be conquered?" Wan responded, "If you use virtue to pacify the kings of various countries in China, who would dare disobey your order? However, if you use force, Country Chuu will use Mountain F as our city wall and River H as our city moat. Although your army is enormous, it is useless."

    Wan and the allied force signed a peace treaty.

1 During the ceremony, the emperor pours wine on straw. The straw will absorb the wine which symbolizes the godís drinking it.