Stone Advised the King Not to Dote on Prince Jou

(A historical event in 720 B.C.)

Tzuoo’s Interpretation of Spring-Fall

    King Juang of Country Wey married Jane, a princess of Country Chyi. She was beautiful but had no son. A Poet in Country Wey wrote a poem called "Elegant Woman" to express his sympathy for her. The king married a second wife L, a woman from Country Chern. She gave birth to Prince S who died young. L's maid D gave birth to Prince Hwan. Jane treated Hwan like her own son.

    Prince Jou was born to a mistress of King Juang. Jou loved military affairs. The king did not discourage him. Jane disliked Jou.

    Official Stone advised the king, "One who loves his son will teach him to be virtuous rather than allow him to be taken in by evil. Conceited, extravagance, hedonism, and and self-indulgence are the roots of evil. These four characteristics result from being spoiled by one's parents. If you want to establish Jou as heir, you should do it now. Otherwise, he will cause a disaster later. There are few people who are able to be humble despite being spoiled by their parents, persevere despite encountering difficulties, remain calm while being treated unfairly, and be patient despite their anger. Letting the low disrespect the high, the young bully the old, a stranger turn friends against each other, a newcomer turn the old against each other, a few enslave the multitude, evil destroy moral standards are the six ways of reversing the social orders. The king should be virtuous; Officials should be obedient; a father should be kind; a son should be filial; an elder brother should befriend his younger brother; a younger brother should respect his elder brother- these are the six morals. To discard morals and imitate those who reverse the social order will quickly result in disaster. A country's leader should eliminate the possible causes of a disaster. Now you have hastened the disaster. Do you think this is appropriate?” King Juang ignored the warning.

    Stone's son, Hou, befriended Jou. Stone tried to prevent them from seeing each other, but the attempt was in vain. After Prince Hwan inherited the throne, Stone decided to retire.

    Prince Jou was spoiled by King Juang. Stone told the king the correct way to raise Prince Jou, but the king ignored his advice. After King Juang died, Prince Hwan inherited the throne. In 719 B.C., Jou murdered his brother, King Hwan. That same year Jou was killed by a fellow countryman. This royal tragedy resulted from King Juang's overindulgence of Prince Jou.