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Fresh Start (11/9/2008)

Prologue. I tried to prove the assertion in [Dug, p.325, Ex. 8], but I failed in my first attempt. After I put the problem aside, I succeeded in my second.

At sunset, birds return to their nests;
People stop work and go home.
After a caterpillar rests in its cocoon,
It emerges as a butterfly.
We shall never give up trying to solve problems
Simply because fatigue blurs our vision, muffles our hearing,
And disables our ability to think straight.
When a car is stuck in a muddy rut,
Pressing the gas pedal only makes the wheels spin in place.
All we need is a fresh start.
If we engage in something else to put the problem aside
Or wait for the morning to refresh our mind and clarify the picture,
The problem will become much easier than before.


1. [Dug] Dugundji, J.: Topology, Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1966.