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Today Is My Lucky Day (7/20/2008)

Prologue. I solved two problems today: One which I had begun and abandoned many times; the other which I had solved before, but I could not figure out again using the oversimplified proof in my notes. After I solved the latter problem with another method, I suddenly remembered how I had solved it last time. By luck, I ended up with three ways of solving the latter problem.

I have come to this problem many times,
Each time through a different path.
I have had many unproductive nights
And abandoned my endeavor again and again.
Each time I read more material for clues.
Each time I saw a clearer picture and armed myself with extra tools.
Now I encounter the problem once more.
I may forget whether I have solved it before
Or may not figure out how I solved it last time.
There is not time that it is due.
Everything else can be put on hold.
When I get stuck or confused,
As long as I can overcome fear and think
The day would be my lucky day
Even if I cannot seek any help and work alone.