I Am Glad to See Google's Science Books Online  (4/26/2008)

    Recent internet offerings like You Tube, Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia provide people a fast lane to learn new things. Publishers like Springer-Verlag and School like University of Cambridge have also created similar reference web sites. These creations originate from good intentions. However, there is no shortcut when studying science. The study of science must be step-by-step. If one has questions in science, the above web sites only lead him or her from one fragmental piece of information to another. They can rarely answer one's question completely. Therefore, we must resort to textbooks for a complete solution. Google's science books online is a good place to search. On a couple f occasions I was able to access books published more than a hundred years ago. Within minutes the desired page appeared and was at the disposal of my fingertips. One no longer needs indices, catalogues, interlibrary loans, or even classes. All one needs is a search engine. The consumer prices in capitalistic economy are dictated by the market. The tuition for college runs out of control. If one has enough training and can access Google's science books online, one can receive an education for free. This alternative will eventually force the tuition for college in the United States to go down.