Public Safety


I visited my neighbor J. He was on crutches. I asked him what happened. J said that a car in the parking lot of Wal-Mart's Tire & Lube Express backed up and broke his leg. J said that when the car hit him, he was trapped between two cars. He screamed and heard his bone crushing. However, the driver hit him again and again, because his auto glass was sound-proof and he could not hear the victim. After the accident, the driver neither said he was sorry, nor asked the victim's condition. He only took out his insurance card and said, "This will cover it." His carelessness caused J to have to suffer through six operations. Three weeks after the accident, J is still uncertain if the doctors will be able to save his leg.

There are very limited parking spaces at Wal-Mart's Tire & Lube Express, and the displayed merchandise eliminates even more parking spaces. Without enough space to operate, a car, like a weapon, can become extremely dangerous. An improperly organized and overcrowded parking lot can be worse than a war zone. Furthermore, if a customer goes to Wal-Mart's Tire & Lube Express, he may find a convenient spot to park his car. However, after the service, they may put the car in a corner where even an experienced driver would have a hard time moving it. Government should constantly evaluate the public safety of a business parking lot. How much traffic is there? How many parking spaces are there in the parking lot? Does the company's parking lot lay-out endanger public safty? These preventions can reduce accidents in the future.