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Tinted Windshields Endanger People's Lives at a Gas Station (7/5/2010)

    The meter in my car showed that my gas tank was low. Therefore, I went to Gas 4 Less, a gas station, to add some gas. The station has four pumps: the southwestern pump, the southeastern pump, the northwestern pump, and the northeastern pump. The store is on the west side of the pumps. In order to reach the store‘s entrance, a customer at the eastern pumps must walk between the southwestern pump and the northwestern pump. Both pumps on the west side were in use. The two pumps on the east side were available; I parked my car at the southeastern pump. Then I walked toward the store to buy gas. When I passed in front of the van facing north at southwestern pump, the van suddenly moved toward me. I had no way to escape because I was sandwiched between two cars. Luckily, the van stopped in time. I could not see the driver at the wheel because the windshield of the van was tinted. A car with tinted glass is worse than a land mine because the car is mobile. No one wants to be killed by careless drivers. Everyone wishes to avoid being killed by them. Furthermore, no one has the right to endanger someone else's life. In order to reduce car accidents at gas stations by half, car companies should immediately recall any cars they have sold with tinted glass. Car windshields should not be tinted. Thereby, people near a parked car can be alerted by seeing a driver at the wheel.