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Anthology of Chinese Poetry Written Before the Tang Dynasty
(translated by Li-Chung Wang)
  1. A Peacock Flies Southeast(無名氏)
  2. Ode to Mu-lan(無名氏)
  3. As seasons proceed(陶淵明)
  4. Short-lived Flowers(陶淵明)
  5. The Body, Shadow, and Soul(陶淵明)
  6. Begging for Food(陶淵明)
  7. Returning to Live in the Countryside(陶淵明)
  8. Song-ling Yang(陶淵明)
  9. Responding to Ye Zhang at the End of the Year(陶淵明)
  10. Nostalgia at My Farmhouse in the Beginning of the Spring of 403(陶淵明)
  11. To My Cousin Jing-yuan(陶淵明)
  12. Drinking Wine(陶淵明)
  13. The Story of Wine(陶淵明)
  14. Imitating the Poetry of Ancient Style(陶淵明)
  15. Miscellaneous(陶淵明)
  16. Impoverished Gentlemen(陶淵明)
  17. Ke Jing(陶淵明)
  18. Reading the Classic Book, The Mountains and Rivers(陶淵明)
  19. Reading The Seas and Mountains Classic(陶淵明)
  20. Eulogy for Myself(陶淵明)
  21. Noble Love(陶淵明)

Samples of Chinese Music:
  1. Heaven)
  2. Collar)