A Butterfly Loves Flowers

Li, Yu [ 李煜 ]   (937 A.D.-978 A.D.)

    In the deep of night, I stroll along the riverside in fine spirits. The Pure Brightness 1 has just passed. I lament that Spring ends too soon. The sound of a few raindrops commands the wind to stop. Clouds come and go under the hazy, serene moon.

    The peach and plum blossoms nestle with each other as Spring passes quietly. Who is giggling on the swing and talking under her breath? Her heart is filled with a thousand threads of dreams. There is no place in this human world where it can be calmed.

1 The Cold Food Day occurs one or two days before the Pure Brightness. Some say the purpose of the Cold Food Day is to honor Hermit Zhi-Tui Jie. Others say the day originated from the Chow dynasty's old tradition of prohibiting fire. On this day, people are prohibited from using fire in the kitchen and, as a result, they eat only cold food. The Pure Brightness is the day when a family pays tribute to its ancestors by visiting their tombs. The date is April 5th or 6th. From the Cold Food Day to the Pure Brightness, a family gets together to have a field trip or go sightseeing. Consequently, travelers are most homesick during this time period.