Charming Eyes 1

Fan, Cheng-da (1126 A.D.-1193 A.D.)

    Purple clouds float around the warm feet of the sun. I take off my light coat because I am hot. The color of the sky makes me feel fatigued. The smell of flowers intoxicates me. The midday dream "Fu-tou" 2. The Spring languor overwhelms me like the surge of water in a Spring pond. The expanse of ripples are wrinkles of sorrow. The waves rise and fall, dragging along heavy feelings. Lacking strength like the east wind, I want to avoid sorrow, but I change my mind all the same.

1 It suddenly turned sunny when Fan was on his way to Ping-xiang Village. He lay down in his carriage and felt extremely tired. Therefore, He took a rest by Willow Pond and wrote this poem.

2 "Fu-tou" was a brand of wine. Literally, "fu-tou" means "supporting heads", i.e., "no longer feeling sad". Therefore, Fan uses this term with double meanings. The entire sentence means "After I drink wine, the midday dream stays in my mind."