Farewell to Li City

Chao, Bu-zhi (1053 A.D.-1110 A.D.)

    There are endless willow trees, a relentless picturesque passenger ship, and a rootless traveler. Southern Mountain still watches as I go. Only the tall city wall separates me from my friend. I recall the last time I visited this city. The park was colorful and the creek was green. Now they are gone forever. Mr. Liu's 1 beard has become so white. How can the color of peach flowers 2 last?

1 A poem written by Yu-xi Liu says, "There are a thousand peach trees in the yard of Xuan-du Temple. They were all planted after Mr. Liu left." In Liu's poem, Mr. Liu refers to Yu-xi Liu himself. In Chao's poem, Mr. Liu refers to Bu-zhi Chao himself.

2 A poem written by Hu Cui says, "A young lady’s face and peach flowers reflect each other with red color.” Here “peach flowers" refers to Chao's girl friend from his youth.