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The Girl I Met Yesterday

Zhang, Xian 1 (990-1078 CE)

    A pair of butterflies was embroidered on her thin silk skirt. I met her for the first time at the banquet near East Pond. Even without heavy makeup, she was like a serene flower dispersing a light fragrance of Spring. At a closer look, I discovered that everything about her was beautiful. Everyone said that her waist curves like a willow tree 2. When she came, her walk was like the graceful dance of a mountain goddess; her clothes drifted like sunset clouds.

1 Zi-ye was Xian Zhang's alternate first name. He was a native of Hu-zhou City. He passed the Advanced Exam in 1030 CE. He was once the Mayor of Wu-jiang-xian City. When Shu Yan governed the capital, he recruited Xian Zhang as his assistant. At the peak of Xian Zhang’s career, he was a senior secretary of the Board of Impeachment.

2 Her waist was as tender and flexible as a willow tree.