Fan, Zhong-yan 1 (989 A.D.-1052 A.D.)
    The sky is covered with clouds. The ground is covered with yellow leaves. The autumn wind stirs layers of waves. The cold mist above the waves looks green. The slanting sunshine illuminates the mountain and the water meets the sky. The fragrant grass I am looking for is behind the mountain 2. My soul is gloomy due to homesickness. I am sorrowful day and night unless I have a good dream to keep me asleep. When I am alone, I should not lean against the window of a tall tower under the bright moon 3. After the wine enters my sorrowful bowels, it turns into tears of homesickness.

1 Xi-wen was Zhong-yan Fan's other first name. His ancestors were natives of Bin City. Later, they moved to Wu County. He passed the Advanced Exam in 1015 A.D. At the peak of his career, he was the emperor's consultant and the supervisor of the governor of Shaanxi Province. Later, he become the mayor of Bin City, then Deng City, Jing-nan City, Hang City, and Qing City.

2 His job required him to travel. He always thought his next job would be better than the past one.

3 This is because it would make him homesick.