The Lament at Long Gazebo

Jiang, Kui (1152 A.D.-1220 A.D.)

Prologue. I love to compose music myself. First, I write a poem. Then I accompany it with music. Therefore, even though two poems' melody titles are the same, their music can be somewhat different. "Withered Trees", written by Xin Yu 1, says, "I planted willow trees years ago. Their branches brush the southern shore of the Han River. Now their leaves shake and fall. The river become bleak and desolate. Even trees, which lack feeling, are doomed to such a fate. How can human beings bear to accept their destiny?" I love his view very much.

    The wind gradually blows off all the catkins on the willow branches. Every house in this area bathes in deep green. The winding shore extends far into the distance. Where do these boats, sailing in all directions, go at dusk? I have seen many people, but who is like the willow trees at Long Gazebo? These willow trees see people off frequently. If they had feelings, they would not look so fresh and green.

    At sunset, I no longer see the tall city wall 2. All I see is numerous random mountains. After Gao Wei left Yu-xiao, how could he have forgotten his promise to her 3 ? I should return to my love as soon as possible. Otherwise, no one will appreciate the beauty of red blossoms. Even though I have a pair of scissors made in Bin City, it is difficult for me to cut off a thousand threads of parting sorrow.

1 Xin Yu was a native of Xin-ye City during the Northern and Southern dynasties. In the Xiao-min Period, he was the Mayor of Lo City in the Kingdom of Zhou. Later, he became a general. He had great literary talent. His most famous poem is "The Lament South of the Yangtze River".

2 The city wall might have been destroyed by a war.

3 My Friends' Discussions at Cloudy Creek says, "Gao Wei traveled to Jiang-xia City where he fell in love with a female opera singer, Yu-xia. He left her a jade ring with a promise that he would visit her seven years later. After eight years, Wei still had not come. Yu-xiao died from fast. Later, Wei met another female opera singer. She looked like Yu-xiao. At distance, her middle finger appeared to have a jade ring around it."