The Lament at the Colorful Window

Zhou, Bang-yan (1056 A.D.-1121 A.D.)

    People assist me in mounting my horse because I have lingering effects from the wine I drank. The morning wind fails to awaken me. The green ceramic shingles and red eaves are reflected in the winding and shimmering water. Among the hanging willow trees, I suddenly find a ferry crossing. Years ago, I wrote a poem on this decayed wall. Now the poem is covered with spiders' webs. The black ink is overgrown with green moss. In my memory, the intervening years rush by like water. Having lingered for a long time, I heave a long sigh. Let bygones be bygones. I never ask Qiong Yang 1 about the past events of Jiang-ling City. The old song "Wei City" is so sad that it furrows one's eyebrows. Who wants to listen to it? If my girlfriend were in front my wine cup now, she would care for me with deep love. Why is it necessary to have a sad song? When I think of my girlfriend, my tears fall even before the song is finished.

1 Qiong Yang was a knowledgeable man. A poem written by Ju-yi Bai says, "I sill have Qiong Yang./ He would be a good choice to ascends Eastern Mountain and accompany Mr. Xie."