The Late Spring

Ou-yang, Xiu (1007 A.D.-1072 A.D.)

    How deep is the far-reaching yard? The dense poplar and willow trees as well as the mist build countless curtain screens in between. As I ride on a horse with a jade bridle and an engraved saddle, I cannot see prosperous Zhang-tai 1 Road due to tall towers. At the end of March, wind and rain are ferocious. Even if we shut the door at sunset, we have no way to hold onto Spring. I tearfully question the flowers, but they do not reply. Instead, they dance with the wind, jump over the swing, and fly away.

1 Yao-zuo Xu of the Tang dynasty wrote a book titled The Geisha Girls of Zhang-tai. Consequently, later generations considered Zhang-tai an area where geisha girls lived.