Meeting Again After a Long Separation

Yan, Ji-dao 1 (1031 A.D.-1106 A.D.)

    Colorful sleeves 2 hold a jade wine goblet with hospitality. I recall in those years to please me you would drink deeply and become flushed. Your dance attracts the moon to lower itself to visit Yang-liu 3 Tower. Your song betrays fully the graceful essence behind your peach flower fan 4. Tonight I repeatedly lift my lamp to illuminate the room, so if I see you, I would know it is not a dream.

1 Ji-dao Yan was the youngest son of Shu Yan. Shu-yuan was Ji-dao's other first name. He called himself Xiao-shan. In 1105 A.D., Ji-dao was the judge of Kai-feng City. Because of little work for him to do, he was transferred to a position of first rank.

2 "Colorful sleeves" refers to a geisha girl who masters singing and dancing.

3 "Yang" means poplar tree and “liu” means willow tree.

4 The geisha hides her face behind her peach flower fan while she sings.