My Spring Sorrow

Yan, Shu 1 (991 A.D.-1055 A.D.)

    I drink wine while listening to the debut performance of my new song. The weather and the stage are the same as those of last year, but the sun that sets in the west never reverses its course. The flowers have no choice but to wither and fall. The returning wild geese and I seem to have met before. I walk back and forth in solitude on the fragrant path in my little garden.

1 Shu Yan was a native of Lin-chuan City. Tong-shu was his other first name. He could write essays at the age of seven. In 1005 A.D., he was summoned to the capital to attend a special exam for geniuses. After he passed the exam, the emperor gave him a certificate equivalent to passing the Advanced Exam. In other words, he was qualified for a high-ranking government position when he was only fourteen. At the peak of his career, he was appointed as a Great Scholar and the commissioner of the privy council.