The Patron God of the Yangtze River

Lu, Zu-gao 1 (He passed the Advanced Exam in 1199 A.D.)

    The fresh 2 sunshine enters as I roll up the bamboo curtain of the picturesque tower. I close the screen door to lighten the morning chill. Fallen cosmetic powders and drifted fragrance 3 only spur my sorrow to grow day by day. I count to myself how many times I could have had a beautiful woman as my companion while I was traveling along the lake during these ten years. My best years have passed. Feeling homeless like a fallen leaf, I embrace Spring intoxication alone. For whom shall I be sober? The sky is broad and the clouds are serene, but I cannot find flute music 4 anywhere. Carrying wine and buying flowers are affairs of youth. They no longer arouse feeling as they once did.

1 Sheng-zhi, Ci-kui and Pu-jiang were Zu-gao Lu's other first names. He was a native of Yong-jia City and a nephew of Yiao Lou.

2 "Fresh" refers to "just after the rain".

3 "Fallen cosmetic powders and drifted fragrance" refers to beautiful women.

4 "Flute music" refers to "fun of youth".