A Raft 1

Zhang, Xian (990 A.D.-1078 A.D.)

    Bashfully tidying up her hair bun, she is so elated that she frequently casts coquettish glances. The zither she is playing has wild geese pegs 2 and thirteen strings. Every string brings the Spring song of orioles. Beautiful clouds 3 tend to fly away fast. When I awaken from my dream, I wonder where she is. The far-reaching yard of dense trees locks in the sunset. A spatter of rain falls on the leaves of the banana trees 4.

1 The title can also be translated as "Cranberry seeds" or something that tends to get lost.

2 The pegs are arranged like the lines of wild geese in the sky.

3 Beautiful clouds refer to the image of the beautiful girl.

4 The last two sentences express his sad feelings in a poetic way.