The Spring on the Emperor's Platform

Li, Jia

    The green, fragrant grass is luxuriant along the southern road. Warm willow seeds and scattered fallen flowers look listless as if they are filled with spring sorrow like people. I remember during the Cold-food Festival my graceful companion and I walked hand-in-hand and enjoyed the verdant scenery near the capital.

    Now it is springtime. I still travel far away from home. My sorrows seem to be relieved quickly, but they soon return to my heart like entangled threads. I wipe my tears in secret, but they cannot help falling again. I lean against the banister of a tall tower all day. All I can see is the darkened green trees at sunset. I have done my best to achieve what I can, but how can I forget the one whom others say I should forget? I ask carp and wild geese to try again to bring news of her to me.