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To the Tune of "Springtime in Wu-ling City" 1

Li, Qing-zhao (1084-1155 CE)

The wind stops blowing and all the flowers have fallen.
Even the dust and dirt are fragrant.
The sun rises high,
But I am too weary to brush my hair.
The world remains the same.
Only people have become different now;
Everything meaningful to me has gone.
I try to speak,
But my tears flow before I can.

Having heard that the springtime at Shuang Creek 2 is pleasant,
I intend to ride in a boat there.
My only worry is
That the grasshopper boat 3 will not be able to carry all my sorrow.


1 This poem was written shortly after Li's husband passed away. The following three video files have the same title, "Springtime in Wu-ling City":

2 "Shuang" means "pair" or "couple". Shuang Creek is located in present day Jin-hua-xian City of Zhejiang Province. In her later years Qing-zhao Li sought refuge with her younger brother and lived in his mansion at Jin-hua City. Jin-hua City is now called Jin-hua-xian City.

3 "The grasshopper boat" refers to a small boat.