To King Zheng 1, My Twelfth Brother

Li, Yu [ 李煜 ]   (937 A.D.-978 A.D.)

    The east wind blows water and the sun nibbles the mountain. I have constantly enjoyed leisure since the Spring arrived. The fallen flowers are disorderly. The wine is gone. Music and drunken dreams are my entertainment.

    The jade ornaments on my girdle quiet down. My evening adornments have faded. Who will style my hair bun? I am enchanted by the scenery and treasure my youth. I lean against the banister alone at sunset.

1 King Zheng was the seventh son of Middle King Li. Cong-shan was King Zheng's first name. In 671 A.D., King Zheng was sent on a mission to the Song dynasty. He was detained by Emperor Tai. Last King Li had a close fraternal bond with King Zheng. Yu Li often climbed a mountain to gaze to the north. His tears fell and soaked his clothes. He wrote a poem "Climbing the Mountain". It says, "Originally, pigeons fly in company. /I wonder why my younger brother has not returned." His tone is mournful and touches one's heart deeply.