The Tower of the High Sun (Following the rhyming pattern of "To My Friends in Yue City 1" by Mi Zhou)

Wang, Yi-sun

    The snow lingers in the yard’s shade. It is somewhat cold in the shadow of the bamboo curtain. The reeds shaped like jade flutes grow abundantly. Seeing the sign with golden words posted on a door, I wonder whose house Spring 2 has visited. In front of the window, my night long hope to see you is realized in my dreams. In fact, we are separated by rivers and blocked by mountains. The trees are filled with delicate fragrance. The shadows of branches spread chaotically under the moonlight. This scene turns my yearning into sorrow.

    The area south of the Yangtze River is beautiful. Naturally, it is bitter to part from friends in this area. In addition, horses gallop on the ancient road and returning wild geese land on the flat sand. How can I obtain your silver letter that earnestly tells me about your best years 3 ? Now fragrant grass grows everywhere. Even if I climb high, I cannot see beyond the horizon. Furthermore, the east wind has arrived several times and the flying flowers have fallen for several seasons.

1 Yue City was located in present day Shao-xing City in Zhejiang Province.

2 "Spring" refers to any happy event such as a wedding, a birthday, passing the Advanced Exam, etc.

3 This sentence says that I would like to hear your news.