It Is Unbearable to Part with Spring

Song, Qi 1 (998 A.D.-1061 A.D.)

    As Spring approaches, the eastern town comes into its full glory. The lace-like ripples welcome the arrival of passenger boats. The morning clouds, beyond the misty poplar treetops, are mere wisps. The red blossoms on the tips of apricot branches revel with Spring spirit. Joy is brief in a life blown by the winds of fate. Shall I treasure my gold and esteem lightly a beauty's smile? Let me hold a wine cup for you to persuade the slanting sunshine to illuminate the flowers a little longer.

1 Zi-jing was Qi Song's other first name. He was the native of An-lu City in An County. Later, he moved to Yong-qiu (present day Qi County in Henan Province). In 1024 A.D., both he and his elder brother, Xiang Song, passed the Advanced Exam. The examiner proposed that Qi Song should be ranked first. The mother of the emperor, Zhang-xian, thought that the younger should not outshine the elder. Therefore, she lifted Xiang Song to first place and moved Qi Song to tenth place.