Yu, the Beautiful Woman (Listening to the rain)

Jiang, Jie (1245-1319)

    When I listened to the rain from a music house during my early youth, the silk bed curtain was illuminated by candlelight 1. When I listened to the rain on a passenger boat 2 in the prime of my life, the river was broad, the clouds were low, and the lost wild goose cried in the wind. Now I listen to the rain at a monastery. My hair has already turned gray. I finally realize that joys and sorrows, partings and reunions are relentless changes. Let the rain in front of the porch falls as it pleases, dripping until daybreak.

1 This sentence describes Jiang's romantic fantasy.

2 The phrase "passenger boat" has two meanings. First, it implies that Jiang left his hometown and was busy making a living. Second, it implies Jiang thought living in China under Kublai Khan's rule was like traveling to a a foreign country and living there as a guest.