Yu, the Beautiful Woman 1

Ye, Meng-de (1077 A.D.-1148 A.D.)

    Yesterday the fallen flowers danced in front of wind and attracted the rain at sunset. At dawn, my yard was half covered with scattered petals. Only the tall willow branches remained to wave gently in the sunny sky. We have stood hand-in-hand lovingly beneath blossoms and have drunk deeply. "You need not frown. I am also full of affection. However, it is time to store the wine cups and go our separate ways."

1 At the end of the Qin dynasty, Yu Xiang and Bang Liu competed for the emperorship. While Xiang was besieged by Liu's troops, he drank at his camp and sang to his beautiful mistress, "Yu, Yu, What can I do?" Yu responded with a song. The royal music school used this story to compose a melody called "Yu, the Beautiful Woman".
    After a rain, Meng-de Ye set wine beneath the apple blossoms for his friends, Gan-yu and Cai-qing. There were beautiful women accompanying them. Under such a circumstance, Ye wrote the above poem.