Bei Qing Luo 1

Li, Shang Yin    (812? A.D.-858 A.D.)

When the last visible part of the sun moved westward to Yan-Ci Mountain 2,
I went to visit a monk who lived alone in a thatched cottage.
Fallen leaves drifted everywhere.
Following the path up several levels under the chilly clouds,
I almost got lost in the twilight.
Suddenly I heard the temple drum beating.
By tracing the sound,
I found the monk leisurely leaning on a cane in front of his door.
He said that the world is like a speck of dust.
I argued that love and hate make the world more interesting.

1 Bei Qing Luo was a city on Yu-Yang Mountain where Li studied Buddhism during his early years.

2 According to Chinese mythology, Yang-Ci Mountain is the sun's home. The sun returns there each evening.