Climbing Lan Mountain in the Autumn to Commune with Fifth Chang 1

Meng, Hao Jan (689 A.D.-740 A.D.)

Because I am a hermit,
It is natural that I am happy in the white clouds of North Mountain 2.
I climb the mountain because I wish to see you.
My hope dies as my eyes follow the wild geese until they disappear beyond the horizon.
My sorrow rises as the night falls.
The autumn wind inspires my imagination.
I see many people returning to their homes.
Passengers cross the sand to wait at the ferry station.
The woods far away on the horizon look like a vegetable leaf.
The island by the far shore is small like the crescent moon.
What time will you come here with wine
So that we may get drunk during the Chong-yang Festival 3?

1 Fifth Chang was Zi-Rong Chang. Before Chang passed the Advanced Exam, he and Meng once lived as hermits in Xiang Yang City. He was the eighth son of Chang family, so Fifth Chang should have been Eighth Chang.

2 North Mountain was Lan Mountain where Meng lived.

3 On the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese people used to drink wine and enjoy observing chrysanthemums to celebrate the Chong-yang Festival.