Cool Contemplation

Li, Shang Yin   (812? A.D.-858 A.D.)

After the guests had left,
I discover the water in the autumn pool had almost risen over the banks.
The sound of cicadas has faded away.
The fresh dew hangs everywhere on the trees' branches.
At this moment I fall into deep contemplation.
I stand still unaware of the passing of time.
I sent a messenger to my friends at the emperor's court 1,
But it has been two years and he has not returned.
The one I sent to Nan-Ling City has not returned either 2.
In this remote area, my mind feels unsettled.
I can only predict my future through the omens in my dream.
I even suspect that my friends have forgotten me.

1 Li asked his friends at the emperorís court to help him find a better position.

2 Li also asked his friends at Nan-Ling City to find him a better post.