Descending Mountain Zhong-nan, Staying Overnight with Mountain Hermit Hu-si, Who Has Set out Wine

Li, Bai (701 A.D.-762 A.D.)

The night fell upon the green mountain.
The moon above the mountain followed us home.
Turning back, we viewed the path we had taken.
The greenness of luxurious trees extended to the peak of the mountain.
Holding each other's hands, we reached Hu-si's farm house.
His child opened the rough, wooden gate.
We entered a quiet walkway lined with green bamboo.
Wisteria brushed our clothes.
Congenial conversation led to an invitation to stay for the night.
We heartily made toasts with delicious wine.
After our long song "the Wind Among Pine Trees" ended,
The stars in the Milky Way became sparse.
I was drunk, but Hu-si was still excited.
Happily carried away, we forget all worldly machinations.