Early Autumn

Xu, Hun    (788?A.D.-858A.D.)

On a long night sad and lonesome sounds from a harp float on the air.
The west wind spurs the growth of lichens.
The remaining fireflies perch on dew that shines like jade.
The early geese brush the Milky Way.
The tall trees appear dense in the shroud of the morning fog.
The multitude of remote mountains are revealed by the clear sun.
This scene makes me think of falling leaves 1.
My feelings are naturally moved like the waves of Lake Dong-Ting 2.

1 The philosophy book, The Man from the South of the Huai River, says, "A falling leaf announces that the year will end soon."

2 The poem "The Man from the Xiang River" in Yuan Qu's book of poetry, Nine Songs, says, "When the autumn wind generates waves in Lake Dong-Ting, the leaves of trees start to fall."