Farewell to Deputy Ministers Sixth Xue 1 and Eighth Niu in Jing County 2

Liu, Chang-Qing 3 (709 A.D.-785 A.D.)

Throughout my exile I have never expected to be summoned back to the palace.
Since I cannot predict the future,
It is better to dissipate my sorrows through wine and songs.
Above the river northern wild geese fly across the bright moon.
In Huai-nan 4 most of the trees on Chu mountain have lost their leaves.
I am glad that the place where I stay is close to a river.
When seeing my reflection, I lament that my hair is turning gray.
Now we three have become tottering old men together.
I feel ashamed when you remind me to stay away from trouble.

1 Sixth Xue was the six child of the Xue family.

2 What the seat of Jing County is now present day Jiu-jiang City of Jiangxi Province.

3 Liu was sent into exile twice. The first time he was demoted from the Mayor of Su City to the Mayor of Nan-ba City (Dian-bai City of Guangdong Province). Later, he was summoned back to the palace and became a censor.

4 During the Han dynasty Jiu-jiang City was the State of Huai-nan.