Farewell to Shen Han 1 at Yun-yang Post 2

Si-kong, Shu (720 A.D.-790 A.D.)

My friend has traveled by rivers and seas since we parted.
We have been separated by mountains and rivers for many years.
When I suddenly see him, I suspect I am dreaming.
We lament the long separation and ask each other's age.
A lonely lamp illuminates the cold rain.
Floating fog obscures the distant bamboo trees.
I hate that we must go our separate ways tomorrow.
To cherish every moment we have together,
We toast each other ceaselessly.

1 According to "The Epitaph in Honor of Shen Han" written by Yu Han, Yu had an uncle named Shen Han who had been the Head of Jing-yang County.

2 Yun-yang was the name of a county. Its old location was north of present day Xi-an City in Shaanxi Province. A post was a hotel and post office run by the government. It provided post chaises to carry mail and passengers. It also provided housing for government officials on business trips.