I Am Glad That My Cousin Lun Lu Visits Me

Si-kong, Shu (720 A.D.-790 A.D.)

On this quiet night, there are no neighbors near my house.
I live in the wilderness, retired and poor.
In the rain, there is a tree with yellow leaves.
Under the lamp, there is a white-haired man.
Because I have lived in solitude and fallen into melancholy for so long,
Your frequent visits make me feel grateful, yet guilty.
It seems we are predestined to be friends for life
And on top of that, you are a Cai's kinsman 1 of mine.

1 The chapter title "Names of people" in the 6th volume of the work, Encyclopedia written by Hua Zhang of the Jin dynasty, says, "The mother of Bo-jie Cai was the younger sister of Xi Yuan and the aunt of Huan Yuan." Thus, Bo-jie Cai and Huan Yuan were cousins. This story led later generations to use Cai's kinsman to refer to a cousin.