Lack of Title 1

Liu, Shen Hsu (He passed the Advanced Exam in 733 A.D.)

Most of the mountain path that I have come through
Is obscured by the white clouds below me
As I climb to my summerhouse.
The spring scenery extends as far as the green creek flows.
Once in a while, flowers float down from the upper stream 2;
The distant land becomes fragrant from the passing water.
The peaceful 3 door of my house faces the mountain path;
My study room is sheltered by the dense willow trees.
The shade imparts quiet and grace to this place every sunny day;
The sunshine reflecting from the pond illuminates my clothes.

1 Originally, the poem had a title. No one knew why it was lost. Fan Yin's The Collection of Heroic Spirits of Mountains and Rivers recorded this poem, but did not record its title. Therefore, the later generation used "Lack of Title" as the title.

2 The fallen flowers hint that the yard around Liu's summerhouse was crowded with fresh flowers.
3 The word "peaceful" refers to the author's leisurely and care-free mood.