Author Unknown

Near the Cold Food Day 1 grass grows luxuriantly in the rain.
The wind blows the wheat seedlings
And the willow trees shade the embankment.
Why in the world do I not go home?
Cuckoo! Please do not cry near my ears 2.

1 The Cold Food Day occurs one or two days before the Pure Brightness. Some say the purpose of the Cold Food Day is to honor Hermit Chih-T'ui Chieh. Others say the day originated from the Chow dynasty's old tradition of prohibiting fire. On this day, people are prohibited from using fire in the kitchen and, as a result, they eat only cold food. The Pure Brightness is the day when a family pays tribute to its ancestors by visiting their tombs. The date is April 5th or 6th. From the Cold Food Day to the Pure Brightness, a family gets together to have a field trip or go sightseeing. Consequently, travelers are most homesick during this time period.

2 Cuckoo's voice is sad. It sounds like "it is better to go back" in mandarin (Chinese). It is often used in old Chinese poems to describe the homesickness of a traveler.