Wang, Wei (700 A.D.-761 A.D.)

1 (A to B)

My home is beside the Meng-jin River.
My door faces the mouth of the river.
I was recently a passenger on one of the many boats bound for the area south of the Yangtze River.
Based on your accent, you seem to be my fellow townsman.
Have you ever written letters home?

2 (B to A)

Since you come from my hometown,
You must know about recent events there.
When you left there,
Did the plum tree in front of my beautiful window bloom in the winter?

3 (A to B)

I saw the plum tree blooming in the winter
And also heard the birds sing.
I feel homesick even when I watch spring grass.
I am afraid that my sorrow will overpower me
When the grass reaches the jade steps.