Out of the Fortress

Wang, Chang Ling (?-756 A.D.?)

The moon has illuminated the Great Wall since the Qin dynasty.
However, the soldiers who embarked on the long march have not yet returned.
If Dragon City 1 and the Flying General 2 were alive,
They would not allow the Huns' horses to cross over Yin Mountain 3.

1 Dragon City refers to General Qing Wei. Wei ws a commander of cavalry in the Han dynasty. He led troops north to suppress the Huns beyond Dragon City.

2 The Flying General refers to General Guang Li in the Han dynasty. Li was brave and skilful in fighting. This was the reason that the Huns called him the Flying General. They had avoided war with him for several years.

3 Yin Mountain is currently located in the southern part of the Autonomous Region of Nei Monggu.