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Letter to My Wife on a Rainy Night 1

Li, Shang-yin (812?-858 CE)

You asked when I would return home,
But I cannot tell you the exact date.
The night rain on Mts. Ba-shan 2 fills the autumn pools.
I wonder when we can trim the candle wicks together by our west window 3,
And talk about this rainy night.

1 Shang-ying Li wrote this letter to his wife, Lady Wang, in Chang-an City while he traveled to the Eastern State of Shu. The State of Shu is now called Sichuan Province.

2 Mts. Da-ba-shan and Mts. Ba-ling are other names of Mts. Ba-shan. The mountain range stretches across the borders of Shaanxi and Sichuan Provinces. Here "Mts. Ba-shan" refers to the eastern region of Sichuan Province.

3 This line reminds us of romantic candlelight. One may desire to view the following video, This piece of Chinese classical music is entitled "A Candle's Shadow Dances with the Flame".