Replying to City Official Chang

Wang, Wei (700 A.D.-761 A.D.)

During my later years I love only quietness.
I am disinterested in everything 1.
I feel that I do not have a wise plan for our country's future.
It is better for me to return to the old woods.
The wind among the pine trees blows the belt that I have unfastened.
The moon above the mountain illuminates the zither I play.
If you want to know the cycle of fortune,
You may listen to the fishermen's song from the distant shore 2.

1 When Wang started his political career, the prime minister was great. Later, the prime was replaced by an evil official who persecuted many innocent people. Consequently, Wang turned his interest to Buddhism in order to passively avoid persecution.

2 The song would give Chang a Zen-like answer.