Seeing Prefect Li off to Zi City 1

Wang, Wei (700 A.D.-761 A.D.)

The trees in myriad valleys reach into the skies.
The songs of cuckoos echo from a thousand mountains.
One night of rain on the mountain;
A hundred springs near the treetops.
The women by the Han river pay their taxes with cloth.
The men in Ba County sue each other for the taro field.
You will promote virtue to your people in the manner of Wen-weng 2
So that later generations will not dare to praise the previous sages.

1 Zi City was in present day San-tai County in Sichuan Province.

2 Wen-weng was a great prefect in the State of Shu (Sichuan) in the Han dynasty. He promoted virtue and accomplished great works during his political career.