A Song at Lun T'ai 1 to Send General Feng Westward to Battle

Ts'en, Shen    (717 A.D.-770 A.D.)

On the city wall of Lun T'ai a bugle was blown at night.
The enemy's lucky star in the north was falling.
An urgent report was delivered to the headquarters last night.
It said the enemy king had reached the west side of Altai Mountain.
As I looked to the west from the watchtower,
Smoke and dust blackened the sky.
The Chinese army was stationed north of the city.
General Feng's troops were ordered by the emperor to fight against the enemy.
When the flute was blown at dawn,
The large army started to move toward its destination.
The echoing war drums from all directions seemed to cause the waves of the Snow Sea to billow.
The war cries of the Chinese army shook Yen Mountain.
The enemy occupied strong fortresses and their war spirits shot through the clouds.
The white bones on the battlefield were entangled by the roots of weeds.
Near the Sword River the wind blew strong and clouds covered the sky.
Icy stones at City S pulled the iron shoes off the horses.
The general worked hard to fulfill his mission.
He swore to return the emperor's favor by calming the border dust.
In Chinese history we have read many stories about ancient heroes.
Now I find your accomplishment is greater than theirs.

1 Lun T'ai is the name of a city in Xinjiang Province.