To Advisor Yang at Gu-Kou 1 Study

Qian, Qi    (710? A.D.-782? A.D.)

Abundant grass grows along the spring that winds through the valley.
Rosy clouds float above the green curtain of climbing figs.
The bamboo plants are lovely after fresh rain.
The mountain is beautiful at sunset.
Leisurely egrets always return to their nests early.
The autumn flowers fall a little late.
My servant boy sweeps the wisteria-lined path to the study
Because yesterday I invited my friend to visit me.

1 Gu-Kou is Chinese for "the entrance to a valley". It was also the name of a city. Today the old location of Gu-Kou is within Jing County in Shaanxi Province. Gu-Kou Study refers to Qian’s study.