When Arriving at Tong Guan City 1, I Met Fu Wei on His Way Home 2

Xu, Hun 3  (788? A.D.-858 A.D.)

At sunset the maple leaves rustled in the autumn wind.
With a ladle of wine, I saw you off at the long gazebo.
The remaining clouds had returned to Hua Mountain 4.
A light rain was passing by Zhong Tiao Mountain 5.
The color of trees followed the winding city wall into the distance.
The roar of the Yellow River had softened as it flowed east toward the remote sea.
I will arrive at the capital tomorrow,
But tonight I still dream of the happy life of a lumberjack or a fisherman.

1 "Tong" means "high water" in Chinese. The Bible of Rivers says, "The Yellow River is located to the south of the Great Wall. When the river flows south, it hits Guan Mountain. Tong Guan City is at the intersection of the mountain and the river, the city. This explains its name."

2 Xu traveled from his hometown, Dan-Yang, to the capital, Chang-An. The day before he arrived at Chang-An, he met his friend, Fu Wei, at Tong Guan City. Fu Wei resigned his position at the capital and was traveling east on his way home. This poem hints that Xu went to the capital for reason other than material gain, and was ready to go home at any time and live a simple life again.

3 Xu passed the Advanced Exam in 832 A.D. Later, He became the Mayor of Mu City and then Ying City.

4 Hua Mountain is located to the south of Hua Ying County in Shaanxi Province. The mountain is also known as West Great Mountain, one of the Five Great Mountains in China.

5 Zhong Tiao Mountain lies between the Tai Hang Mountain Chain (extending south through three provinces, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan) and Hua Mountain.