The Weather Has Been Cool

Han, Wo 1 (844 A.D.-923 A.D.)

An embroidered curtain hangs from the top of the door.
A scarlet screen 2 is painted with roses.
The eight-foot-long straw mat 3 on the bed,
Which looks like a dragon's beard 4,
Invites one to cover it with a colorful blanket.
The weather has been cool but has not yet turned cold.

1 Han wrote many love poems. His style is called the fragrant make-up-kit style. This poem describes a girl in her bedroom.

2 Screens of this type are movable and were originally designed to block the wind. Nowadays they are used as a decorations and for privacy. They are usually placed at the entrance of a room. People have to walk around it to see inside of the room.

3 In the summer time, a bed is hot. A layer of straw can make it cool.

4 A dragon is a god in charge of rain and clouds.