Writing Together on the Temple Where Gods Visit 1

Han, Hung (He passed the Advanced Exam in 754 A.D.)

I saw the Tower of Five Cities 2 as I ascended to the Platform for Gods.
After the long rain stopped everything looked cool and lonely.
At sunset the distant color of mountains blended with that of the trees of the Qin River.
The sound of the nearby stone mortar 3 announced the arrival of autumn.
The shadows of sparse pine trees fell on the empty altar, giving it a peaceful look.
The thin grass generated fragrance near the small serene cave.
Why do we need to look for Heaven in another world?
This world also has the Red Mountain 4.

1 The temple was a Taoist temple.

2 Chinese History says, "Taoists say that Emperor Huang, the ancestor of the Chinese, built five cities and twelve towers to invite gods."

3 People at that time used a pestle to pound heavy clothes in a stone mortar in order to wash them thoroughly.

4 The Poetry of Country Chu says, "The angel on the Red Mountain lives forever in an old home." One of its footnotes says, "The Red Mountain is on the sea where gods live and the sun shines day and night." Here the Red Mountain symbolizes a paradise.