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  1. To the Tune of "Yu, the Beautiful Woman" (李煜〈虞美人〉)
  2. Cherishing the Memory of My Father Country (張炎〈高陽臺〉、〈清平樂〉)
  3. To the Tune of “A Lotus Garland” (韋莊〈女冠子〉)
  4. To the Tune of "Bamboo Stalks" (劉禹錫〈竹枝詞〉)
  5. Fisherman (張志和〈漁歌子〉)
  6. A Peacock Flies Southeast 〈孔雀東南飛〉
  7. Letter to My Wife on a Rainy Night (李商隱〈夜雨寄北〉)
  8. Up to an Amusement Park on a Plateau (李商隱〈登遊樂原〉)
  9. Untitled I (李商隱〈無題I〉)
  10. Untitled II (李商隱〈無題II〉)
  11. The Cicada (李商隱〈蟬〉)
  12. Ode to E-pang Palace (杜牧〈阿房宮賦〉)
  13. Venting My Grief (元稹〈遣悲懷〉)
  14. The Lute (白居易〈琵琶行〉)
  15. The Song of Endless Sorrow (白居易〈長恨歌〉)
  16. A River in Snow (柳宗元〈江雪〉)
  17. The Song of Stone Drums (韓愈〈石鼓歌〉)
  18. Night Mooring at the Maple Bridge (張繼〈楓橋夜泊〉)
  19. The Song of a Traveling Son (孟郊〈遊子吟〉)
  20. Farewell to Duan Li (盧綸〈送李端〉)
  21. Four Songs at the Foot of the Great Wall (盧綸〈塞下曲〉)
  22. Giving My Daughter Away to the Yang Family (韋應物〈送楊氏女〉)
  23. Soldiers and Chariots (杜甫〈兵車行〉)
  24. Expressing My Feelings About Historic Sites Through Five Verses (III) (杜甫〈詠懷古跡,其三〉)
  25. When a Guest Arrives (杜甫〈客至〉)
  26. Moonlit River in Spring (張若虛〈春江花月夜〉)
  27. A Difficult Journey (李白〈行路難〉)
  28. Climbing the Shu Mountain Path is Difficult (李白〈蜀道難〉)
  29. Farewell to Uncle Yun at Xie-tiao Tower in Xuan-zhou City (李白〈宣州謝朓樓餞別校書叔雲〉)
  30. Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon (李白〈月下獨酌〉)
  31. Inscription on the Wall of the Post Station North of Da-yu Mountain (宋之問〈題大庾嶺北驛〉)
  32. Farewell to Jian Xin at the Lotus Tower (王昌齡〈芙蓉樓送辛漸〉)
  33. Mountain Life at Sunset in Autumn (王維〈山居秋暝〉)
  34. Nine Horses (杜甫〈韋諷錄事宅觀曹將軍畫馬圖〉)
  35. Observing the Sword Dance Performed by a Disciple of Madam Gong-sun (杜甫〈觀公孫大娘弟子舞劍器行〉)
  36. To Hermit Eighth Wei (杜甫〈贈衛八處士〉)
  37. To the Tune of “Sweet and Serene Melody” (李煜〈清平樂〉)
  38. To the Tune of “Paying Homage at the Golden Door” (馮延已〈謁金門〉)
  39. To the Tune of “The Ravens Cawed at Night” (李煜〈烏夜啼〉)
  40. To the Tune of “Magnolia” (晏殊〈木蘭花〉)
  41. To the Tune of “Gathering Mulberries” (歐陽修〈采桑子〉)
  42. To the Tune of “Expressing My Innermost Feelings” (歐陽修〈訴衷情〉)
  43. To the Tune of “Butterflies Lingering over Flowers” (柳永〈蝶戀花〉)
  44. Ode to the Red Cliff (蘇軾〈赤壁賦〉)
  45. To the Tune of “The Fortuneteller” (蘇軾〈卜算子〉)
  46. To the Tune of “Calming the Wind and the Waves” (蘇軾〈定風波〉)
  47. To the Tune of “A Riverside Town” (蘇軾〈江城子〉)
  48. To Xiang Chen at Heng-yang City (黃庭堅〈驀山溪;贈衡陽妓陳湘〉)
  49. To the Tune of The Creek Where Xi-shi Washed Her Yarn (秦觀〈浣溪沙)
  50. To the Tune of “The Talented and Romantic Scholar” (張耒〈風流子〉)
  51. To the Tune of “Honoring the Stars and the Moon” (周邦彥〈拜星月慢;秋思〉)
  52. To the Tune of “Heavenly Fragrance” (賀鑄〈天香〉)
  53. To The Tune of “Fortuneteller” (陸游〈卜算子〉)
  54. An Impromptu Poem Written in Autumn (程顥〈秋日偶成〉)
  55. Responses to My Readings (朱熹〈觀書有感二首〉)
  56. Sparse Shadows (姜夔〈疏影〉)
  57. Charming Nian Nu (姜夔〈念奴嬌〉)
  58. Jade Wine Cup (辛棄疾〈青玉案〉)
  59. To the Tune of "The Sky Filled with the Partridge Tune" (吳文英〈鷓鴣天〉)
  60. To the Tune of “A Slow Tune” (李清照〈聲聲慢〉)
  61. To the Tune of “Springtime in Wu-ling City” (李清照〈武陵春;春晚〉)
  62. To the Tune of “Joy of Eternal Union” (李清照〈永遇樂〉)
  63. Ode to Mu-lan 〈木蘭辭〉
  64. The Story of Wine (陶潛〈述酒〉)
  65. Returning to Live in the Countryside (陶潛〈歸園田居五首〉)
  66. Noble Love (陶潛〈閑情賦並序〉)
  67. Eulogy for Myself (陶潛〈擬挽歌辭三首〉)
  68. The Body, Shadow and Soul (陶潛〈形影神並序〉)
  69. Miscellaneous (陶潛〈雜詩1, 4, 7, 8, 10〉)
  70. Impoverished Gentleman (陶潛〈詠貧士1, 2, 3〉)
  71. Drinking Wine (陶潛〈飲酒4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20〉)
  72. Responding to Ye Zhang at the End of the Year (陶潛〈歲暮和張常侍〉)
  73. Short-lived Flowers (陶潛〈榮木並序〉)
  74. Nostalgia at My Farmhouse in the Beginning of the Spring of 403 (陶潛〈癸卯歲始春懷古田舍二首〉)
  75. As Seasons Proceed (陶潛〈時運並序〉)
  76. To My Cousin Jing-yuan (陶潛〈癸卯歲十二月中作與從弟敬遠〉)
  77. To Song-ling Yang (陶潛〈贈羊長史並序〉)
  78. Reading the Classic Book, The Mountains and Rivers (陶潛〈讀山海經1〉)