Held by a Giantess

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A painting by James Montgomery Flagg (illustrator of the "I Want You" Uncle Sam poster): A Man in Hand    

This cover might be misleading. The giantess is not his mother, but a size-changing genie who is enamored of him: Lakshmi    

Excerpts from the Flash Gordon comic strip by Dan Barry:

Julah 1     Julah 2     Julah 3     Julah 4

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Femforce #63     A Ken Collage     Ambush Ad    


Here are my first attempts at collaging:

Collage 1     Collage 2

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Collages from the net:

Collage 1     Collage 2     Collage 3

Collage 4     Collage 5     Collage 6

Excerpts from Femforce #88:

Garganta 1     Garganta 2     Garganta 3     Garganta 4

Vidcap from an unknown Japanese source:


Excerpts from the comic book
Roswell: Little Green Man #4

Julienne1     Julienne2     Julienne3

Excerpts from the Flash Gordon newspaper comic strip by Dan Barry.

July 17 1983     Aug 28 1983    

A collage made by Ken:


The ad agency known as Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn, Inc. created the image of "Miss Radial Age" for B.F. Goodrich Tires in 1967. This vivacious sequinned Giantess was played by Pat Christman, according to the book B. F. Goodrich : Tradition and Transformation, 1870-1955 by Mansel G. Blackford and K. Austin Kerr. The book has no new pictures from the ad campaign.

From the British comic strip "The Seekers", ca 1971:

From the cover of Planet Stories, September 1951,
illustrating Theodore Sturgeon's story
"The Incubi of Parallel X":

An illustration donated by Capp:
Capp Pic

From the Buck Rogers comic strips:
Miss Jupiter      Another Miss Jupiter

From the comic book "Tarzan Family: Korak Son of Tarzan", #64-65.
The story is "In the Land of Gigantics", ca 1976:

Here are other pictures I've enjoyed:

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