In memory of my bestfriend



Within my book of memories,
Are special thoughts of you.
And all the many nice things, You often say and do -
As I turn the pages, And recall each single thought,
I realize the happiness That knowing you has brought.
There are memories of the times we've shared, Both bright and sunny days.
There are memories of your kindness, And your friendly thoughtful ways.
There are memories of all those notes, we would write back and forth,
When we would just get together, And talk of this or that.
And when I recall these memories, As I go along life's way,
I find they grow more precious still ,With every passing day.

Forever Gone but Forever in Our Hearts


The caring prayers the shaking shock -
This awful news my world did rock.
No one knew how it happened or why.
We were all so sad it made me cry.
How unfair it should have happened now -
Won't someone ever tell me how?
Her tears had dried her pain had healed;
And God chose this time for her life to yield.
-We miss her as she has just gone.
We'll never forget all the good she has done,
Even though to her our farewells weve bid.
We love her still we miss her yet;
And on this I'll forever bet. If she is truly in our hearts,
From us she'll never be truly apart.


The times we had together will be cherished forever now.
The times we laughed, played and even fought will be cherished now.
These are precious moments never even thought of till after death.
So please heed my word people, cherish every day now before it's too late.
Give all your love to everyone and everthing as if it was the last time you could.

We all love you and miss you a lot, may you
forever rest in peace until we meet again.


Here is a picture of her favorite place, Hawaii

Created by LB